Scientists at the California Academy of Sciences describe 71 new species in 2019     2019/12/05 20:58

From geckos to goblin spiders, flowering plants, and Mediterranean ants -- spanning five continents and three oceans -- these 71 new species described by Academy scientists grow Earth's tree of life.

Dull teeth, long skulls, specialized bites evolved in unrelated plant-eating dinosaurs     2019/12/05 19:17

Herbivorous dinosaurs evolved many times during the 180 million-year Mesozoic era, and while they didn't all evolve to chew, swallow, and digest their food in the same way, a few specific strategies appeared time and time again. An investigation of the skulls of 160 non-avian dinosaurs revealed the evolution of common traits in the skulls and teeth of plant-eating members of otherwise very different families of these extinct reptiles.

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